As spring unfolds and we embrace more outdoor activities, it’s an ideal time to explore how Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy can enhance our health and well-being. This innovative treatment harnesses the body’s natural healing mechanisms, offering hope to those suffering from chronic pain or injuries. Whether you’re an athlete, an active parent, or someone dealing with long-term joint issues, PRP therapy could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

Recently, Dr. Charles Landry of Landry Osteopathic Healthcare in Auburn, Maine joined us on the Balance, Repair, Renew podcast to unpack what PRP therapy is, its applications, benefits, and why it stands out as a promising alternative to traditional treatments. Discover how PRP therapy can help you reclaim an active, pain-free life!


What is PRP Therapy?

PRP therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that falls under the umbrella of regenerative medicine. This field includes various procedures like stem cells and fat transfer, all aimed at stimulating collagen and, in some cases, cartilage growth. PRP can be particularly effective for individuals needing joint resurfacing, such as those facing knee or hip replacements but unable to undergo surgery due to health or financial reasons.

Dr. Landry shared an extraordinary case where a patient, who couldn’t survive hip replacement surgery, experienced significant cartilage regrowth and pain relief after several months of PRP therapy. This underscores the therapy’s potential to offer a non-surgical solution for severe joint issues.


Applications and Benefits

PRP therapy is versatile and can address a range of injuries. Dr. Landry mentioned common treatments for knees, shoulders, and ankles, especially in individuals with chronic injuries from their youth. This therapy is not only for older patients but also benefits younger, active individuals, including athletes.

One notable case involved an elite college pitcher who avoided Tommy John surgery through PRP therapy and successfully returned to pitching. This highlights PRP’s potential in sports medicine, providing a non-invasive option for injury recovery and performance enhancement.


Understanding the Process and Safety

PRP therapy involves using the patient’s own blood, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions. However, it’s crucial to ensure the procedure is done in a controlled environment to avoid contamination. Dr. Landry emphasized the importance of using a closed system to transfer PRP, maintaining sterility and safety.

Patients often have concerns about pain post-procedure. Dr. Landry explained that pain could result from the injection process or the body’s response to the PRP. Typically, any discomfort is brief and indicates the body’s healing response. Interestingly, patients who experience more initial discomfort often see more dramatic improvements.


Comparing PRP to Steroids

While traditional treatments like steroids provide temporary pain relief by reducing inflammation, they don’t address the underlying issue and may even weaken the tissue over time. In contrast, PRP therapy uses the body’s natural healing processes to repair and strengthen damaged tissues, offering a more sustainable solution.

Dr. Landry pointed out that while steroids are covered by insurance and provide immediate relief, PRP therapy is an investment in long-term healing and health. He has seen remarkable results in patients who chose PRP over steroids, including those who returned to full activity without recurring pain.


Making PRP Accessible

One of Dr. Landry’s goals is to make PRP therapy accessible to more people. By keeping overhead costs low and focusing on effective, personalized treatments, he offers PRP at a reasonable price, making it attainable for blue-collar workers, weekend warriors, and active parents. This commitment to affordability ensures that more individuals can benefit from this advanced therapy.



PRP therapy represents a promising frontier in regenerative medicine, offering hope for those suffering from chronic pain and injuries. By harnessing the body’s natural healing powers, PRP provides a non-surgical, effective treatment option that can significantly improve the quality of life for many patients.

If you’re struggling with chronic pain or an old injury, consider exploring PRP therapy. With the expertise of practitioners like Dr. Landry, you can find a path to healing and regain the active, pain-free life you deserve.

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