“Dr. Landry is a kind, compassionate and truly talented Osteopath. I have been a patient of his for many years and have referred family and friends – he’s that good!”


“Before I met Dr. Landry, I had never seen a Osteopath for manipulation. I was nervous that they would aggressively snap and crack me like I had heard from so many people regarding their chiropractic experiences. What I learned when I finally decided to make an appointment was, it wasn’t what I had imagined at all! Dr. Landry had a very precise approach and made sure that I was comfortable with the level of aggressiveness in which he utilized during our sessions. I was thoroughly amazed; and I felt immediate relief after just one visit! I would highly recommend Dr. Landry as a DO. He is professional, intelligent and friendly. He also makes sure to listen and be attentive to your questions and concerns. Five stars!”


“I have had the pleasure with working with Dr. Landry for 2 years and he has taught me so much! He has been an amazing mentor, charismatic towards his patients and the people who work for him. His hands are magic! Any time you feel twisted or out of place, your best bet is to come see him! I know I plan to!”


I have been seeing Dr. Landry for several years. I have a fairly high physically demanding job. Sometimes I’m just out of alignment and the manipulation Dr. Landry provides can get me straightened out and moving good again. However, many times I have actually ripped/torn areas and/or have arthritis. For several of these areas, I have received the platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections from Dr. Landry in these muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. I’d say I have had at least 50%, but usually at least 70% or even 100% improvement after injection. Sometimes its immediate and sometimes the pain takes a couple months to dissapate. I am convinced the PRP works as I had to deal with constant pain in several locations for years and after the injection, the pain has gone away or at least the pain is less and only occasional. I also feel Dr. Landry is worth the drive to see and have recommended him to many people.


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