Introduction: A Journey Through Pain

I recently found myself in a situation where recurring severe back pain became more than just a nuisance – it became a debilitating condition that disrupted my daily life. The pain was so intense that it impaired my ability to walk, sit, and even lie down comfortably. Simple tasks became arduous challenges, prompting me to seek immediate relief.

I tried over-the-counter medications like Tylenol, Advil, and lidocaine creams, hoping for some respite, but they provided little relief against the excruciating pain. Frustrated yet determined to find alternative pain management solutions, I turned to osteopathic medicine.


Seeking Alternatives: The Road to Osteopathic Medicine

My journey with osteopathic medicine began with a call to Landry Osteopathic Healthcare in Auburn, Maine, on a Monday morning, where I left a message detailing my condition. Despite their fully booked schedule two weeks out, the staff kindly placed me on a cancellation list. To my relief, within two days, I received a call informing me of a cancellation for that very morning.


The First Visit: A Blend of Anticipation and Nervousness

Stepping into the office for my first appointment was a mix of excitement and nervousness. The welcoming atmosphere, coupled with the reassuring smile of the staff, helped ease some of my discomfort. As I awaited my consultation with Dr. Landry a fellow patient’s positive testimonial about their experience at LOH instilled in me a newfound hope for relief, igniting a sense of anticipation for what lay ahead.


Comprehensive Care: Dr. Landry’s Approach to Healing

During the initial consultation, Dr. Landry conducted a comprehensive examination, which included listening to my heart and lungs, and checking my pulse and blood pressure. He explained that addressing all my issues might require multiple visits but assured me that he could alleviate the excruciating pain enough for me to walk comfortably. Subsequently, he asked me to lie down for a closer evaluation. With a meticulous approach, he identified several issues and proceeded to explain his treatment strategy in detail, ensuring I grasped the purpose behind each technique he used. Dr. Landry’s friendly yet professional demeanor, coupled with his expertise in gentle manipulations, targeted specific issues like my locked sacroiliac joint and twisted spine providing immediate relief from the intense pain.

After the manipulations, Dr. Landry had me stand up to assess my condition. While I still felt some soreness, the excruciating pain had subsided. He noticed that I was slightly tilted to one side and proposed trying another gentle technique to address this issue. However, he was cautious not to overdo it, considering it was my first visit.


A Path to Recovery: Setting Expectations and Moving Forward

Once the session concluded, we discussed the expected soreness and the possibility of lingering pain. Dr. Landry assured me that overall, I should feel better than before. He emphasized the importance of continuing with light stretching exercises, taking Tylenol or Advil as needed, using heat and ice therapy, and staying well-hydrated. He then scheduled two more appointments, one per week, to monitor progress and adjust the treatment plan as necessary.

Leaving the office, I felt sore but immensely relieved, knowing that I was on the path to recovery under Dr. Landry’s care.


Progress and Reflection: Navigating the Journey Ahead

In the first 24 hours after my appointment, I experienced significant soreness in both my upper and lower back. However, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my neck and shoulders—they felt light and wonderfully relieved. That night, I had a peculiar sensation as if a bicycle had traversed down the sides of my spine, yet my spine itself felt liberated and refreshed.

Overall, I felt reassured that I had made the right choice by consulting Dr. Landry. This initial experience fueled my excitement to continue the healing journey. I began planning how I could contribute to my recovery, including incorporating exercises once I felt better and actively working on improving my posture.

48 hours after my initial visit and leading up to my next appointment, I noticed significant improvements in my upper back—it felt completely healed and refreshed. However, my lower back still exhibited soreness, indicating that complete healing would be a gradual process.

While lying down, I felt completely normal, but sitting caused some discomfort, akin to my muscles being stretched. Initially, standing up from a sitting position triggered some pain, although not as intense as before seeking treatment. As I moved around, the pain gradually subsided, leaving behind a lingering achy sensation with occasional jolts of pain. These observations underscored the ongoing nature of my recovery journey and the need for continued treatment and self-care practices.


Embracing Hope and Healing

Looking ahead on my journey to recovery, I’m filled with a sense of both gratitude and determination. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Landry, I’ve experienced remarkable progress in just a short time. As I continue down this path, I’m mindful of the fact that healing is a process, one that requires patience and commitment. With each appointment scheduled with Dr. Landry, I am reassured that I’m on the right track toward long-term relief. These forthcoming sessions serve as not just milestones but as opportunities to further refine my treatment plan and address any lingering discomfort. Armed with the knowledge that I have a skilled and compassionate practitioner by my side, I am confident in facing the journey ahead, knowing that with each visit, I am one step closer to reclaiming a life free from the limitations of pain.

– Jess C.